Short Course - Enhanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme (For unemployed & people who wish to change their career)

The government continues to invest in infrastructure, and the total value of construction projects will be expected to increase to about $300 billion per year. The 2022 Budget proposes to allocate $1 billion to increase the number of construction talent training places and allowance. This scheme is designed to address the shortage of manpower in the construction industry. It helps job seekers to registered as "Semi-skilled Worker" and enter the industry through short-term training. After continuing to improve their experience and skills, they can be registered as "Skilled Worker" and obtain considerable income (refer to figures below). Graduates of designated courses can apply to join the "Approved Technical Talents Training Programmes". Upon completing the two-year programme, qualified students can become skilled workers with trade test exempted.

Admission interviews of Full-time Short Courses will be provided by appointment.


Total eight short courses are recognized as QF Level 2 under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework.

Programme QF Level QF Registration No. Registration Validity Period
Certificate in Bricklaying and Plastering

QF Level:2

23/001138/L2 01/01/2024 至 31/12/2025
Certificate in Bricklaying and Tiling 23/001139/L2
Certificate in Joinery 23/001140/L2
Certificate in Painting 23/001141/L2
Certificate in Site Surveying 23/001142/L2
Certificate in Surveying and Setting-Out 23/001143/L2
Certificate in Plumbing and Pipe-fitting 23/001144/L2
Certificate in Electrical Installation 23/001145/L2


Training Mode

Full time

Training Schedules

Monday to Friday, 8:20am – 5:00pm

Training Allowance

Free tuition. Students will receive an allowance of maximum HK$12,910 per month according to their attendance and employment status. (The allowance includes basic allowance of maximum HK$10,000 per month and the retention allowance. The retention allowance will be provided after students have successfully completed the course, passed the Intermediate Trade Test and confirmed staying in the construction industry 3 months after graduation. This arrangement applies to all Enhanced Construction Manpower Training courses starting on or after 1 May 2023)

With effect from 1 January 2021, no monthly training allowance will be provided to students of all full-time short courses during class suspension caused by Novel Coronavirus, other epidemic outbreaks or any incident which causes a serious impact on the livelihood of the community.


Upon completion of training and passing the relevant test, graduate can registered as “Registered Semi-skilled Worker” or “Registered Skilled Worker” under the current Workers Registration System (if applicable).

Graduates of designated full-time short courses* can apply to join “Approved Technical Talents Training Programmes” within 2 years after graduation. The programmes foster these graduates of the Hong Kong Institute of Construction to become skilled workers through a comprehensive solution integrating on-the-job training, trade skills enhancement and assessment, and soft skills, safety training as well as technology and innovation education# after relevant assessments with trade test exempted.

* designated full-time short courses include Certificate In Bar-Bending and Fixing, Certificate In Timber & Aluminium Formwork, Certificate In Site Surveying, Certificate In Surveying And Setting-Out, Certificate In Metal Works, Certificate In Welding and Certificate In Concreting.
# soft skills, safety training as well as technology and innovation education is applicable to Approved Technical Talents Training Programme (Certificate).

Download Programme Brochure (Chinese version only)

Course Name

  • Career Progression and Advancement
  • Application Guideline
  • Application Form
  • Online Application
  • Introduction Video of Intermediate Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme (Chinese version only)


Tel: 2100 9000

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